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Hop into a new adventure in Mikro II and take control over Spark, a young Mikro in a quest to search for all the Lost Fragments. With the help of his father, Mika, what will Spark face in his new journey? With up to 22 major areas to explore with unique characteristics, various new monsters, exciting boss fights, and the all-new equipment customization system, Mikro II promises a really magical adventure up ahead!

Gameplay features:

  • 22 areas to explore
  • Skill tree progression system
  • Multiple attacks & magic spells to learn and use
  • Equipment customization and augmentation system
  • Learn and decipher the Mik Language spoken by Kglores!
  • Unlockable minigame
  • Some randomized dungeons
  • Multiple side quests

Install instructions

Extract contents from archive and run the executable.


Mikro_II_v2.zip 10 MB

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